Yola Biedrzycka is a oil painter and craft maker born in Poland in 1981.

She graduate Art and Craft University in small town: Wzdow.

And then she moved to Krakow to get more qualification.

She graduated from the Pedagogical University and obtained the title of Master of Arts and Art Teacher.

After many years of learning and traveling around the Europe she fell in love in Ireland. She Stayed in a lovely village Cong.

The paintings of the Impressionist Yolanda are inspired by nature and the places she visited.

Her painting technique is characterized by texture.
She uses various materials, such as: natural beach sand and grass.

And a large layer of paint applied with a paint spatula and brush in the process of creation.

This gives the effect of a visible and tangible perspective in her work.

It is a brightly colored oil painting made on canvas or plate. The process of creating gives her a lot of joy and motivation for everyday life.

Below are some of my works